Saturday, January 5, 2013

Family Fun Night

Last night was our night for family fun. It's a new tradition that we are implementing. Every week we are going to take the kids to do something fun. Last night we went to Mr. Gatti's for dinner and games. So much fun! The kids loving going and we love seeing them have that much fun within a short time frame. :) However, last night was a little different than our normal trip to Mr. Gatti's. Why? Because we had the little one in tow too. :) A, as we will call her, is three weeks shy of turning 1! Can you believe that? Wowza!! Anyway, she's still a little young to get down and play the games with her older brother, S, and her older sister, M, so I carried her around. The older two played bumper cars and then moved on to the carousel. After the carousel they wanted to play these little basketball games. Cool! Whatever makes them happy! As they were standing there throwing the basketball into the little baskets; A, who is happily propped on my hip, is laughing in hysterics! Seriously, she laughs. Never like this though. She was loud and every time one of the kids threw the ball she started laughing all over again. I was laughing at her laughing. So much fun. It truly brings joy to a parents heart to hear their children's laughter. I can't wait to go back!!!

What family traditions do you have?

Until next time. . .

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