Thursday, July 30, 2009


Has it really been 6 days since my last post? You can blame the fabulous ladies I ct for. LOL They have been hard at working creating some fab kits. I'll be posting some previews of these kits and my layouts in the next few days.

Our life here has gotten a little crazy. This weekend we are taking the kids to get haircuts. This will be Megan's first haircut. So I'm trying to find something that I like that isn't going to take off much length. I hope I don't cry. LOL

The kids have been crazy. It's been raining here so we haven't really been able to go outside and play. The kids have tons of extra built up energy because of this so this weekend we are planning on taking the kids to the park. Let's hope the weather works with us in those plans. LOL I know I'm ready to get out of the house for a bit. We are also planning on taking them to lunch before we go to the park. That should give them lots of energy to run off. We haven't decided on a place to go for lunch though. I'm thinking Chuck E. Cheese or Mr. Gatti's. We'll see where we end up though. LOL

Well I guess I'm going to run for now. H will be home soon and I still need to get ready to go grocery shopping and pay bills. Woo Hoo Just kidding! I hate bills. Sometimes I wish I were still a teenager living at home so I wouldn't have to pay bills. Then again if I were a teenager living at home I wouldn't have my darling munchkins! Maybe being an adult isn't so bad after all. I've been blessed with my bossy little kids. I say bossy because as I'm finishing up this post Shane is telling me he wants me to go get something for him. What's wrong with him getting it himself? Nothing! He just thinks he's the boss.

Until next time.

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