Thursday, June 14, 2012

Totally Groovy

So we embarked on another adventure in creativity today. Today we decided to make our own "lava lamps". The kids were mesmerized by these. Of course they needed some help with adding the food coloring, oil, and water, but overall they had a blast. . . especially when they added the alka seltzer pieces. They don't light up, but I can definitely see my kids going back to add more alka seltzer often. You can find the original steps here, but after our first time making it we made a minor change on our second batch since my son wanted an Aqua color.

Here is what you need:

I seriously recommend bigger bottles than what I have, but I didn't have anything else on hand. 

We filled our bottles about 1/4 way with water and then added the food coloring. Shook the bottles to insure the colors were mixed well and then added the oil. :D

These are our final lava lamps. The girl decided she wanted a simple blue. Easy peasy.

The boy wanted a cool aqua color. 

I wonder what is on our agenda for tomorrow's craft time. . . 

Until next time. . . 

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