Thursday, July 28, 2011

Roller Coaster Ride

Today has been full of emotions. Sometimes I find it hard to put my feelings into words, but this time I am really going to try.

My younger sister has been fighting renal failure for several years. While I have no idea how hard and difficult this is for her, I can imagine. Knowing that you are fighting for your life can only be energy consuming. After several years of waiting and doing the necessary steps in order to prepare herself for the transplant, she has gotten "the call" twice. Both times something has happened that prevented her from getting her kidney. These blows keep tearing her down. Today, in the wee hours of the morning my husband woke me telling me that my sister was on her way to the hospital for her transplant. I wept. Not from sadness, but from relief, joy, and overwhelming feeling of gratitude towards God for giving her this precious gift. Just a few moments ago I received a phone call from my sister's friend informing me that the transplant has been postponed, yet again. The reasons are valid. The Dr. performing the transplant has concerns about some of her medical history and wants answers. Answers that, a previous hospital, should have provided before now. She now has some more testing that she needs to undergo. Testing that will hopefully reveal why her kidney's failed in the first place, as well as why her heart became so weak so quickly after her seizure.

I completely understand the reasons. That does not mean I am not heartbroken and devastated for her. She has been fighting for so long. I know that her transplant will happen when it is meant to happen. It is hard to not feel a sense of sorrow though. She has fought so hard and so long that one would think she wouldn't have to endure this any longer. Yet she continues to fight for her life and take the necessary steps to insure her future with everyone here who loves her. She is a fighter. I pray that God gives her the strength to get through this. I know this can't be easy for her. I know how hard it is on me. I can only imagine that it is 1000 times worse for her.

Sending my thoughts and prayers to her in her time of need. I love you sis!

Until next time. . .

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