Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Project ~ Happiness

Sheesh! Time is just flying by. It is really hard for me to believe that it is already Tuesday and time for another Project Happiness post. So without further ado. . . For this week's Project~ Happiness, I decided to go with something that I do not do often enough, but I absolutely love it when I do.

Cooking with my Babes

I do not let them in the kitchen with me near enough. Mainly because I am afraid they will get hurt, which she did. She was an absolute trooper about it though. Brother is in school during the day, so unfortunately he missed out on the food fun. Daddy was home in bed sick with the tummy bug; however, my day does not stand still just because sickness hits our home. I decided I needed to go make our Sloppy Joe's and stick the mix in the freezer. I do this often. M was walking down the hallway and asked me if she could come cook with me. "Absolutely!", I said. She climbed up on her chair. As I cut the veggies she so eagerly stirred them. I was beyond proud of her. I can't wait until the kids get a little older, so they can take up more of the responsibility in the kitchen. Here are a few more photos from our fun-filled morning of cooking.

What makes you happy?

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